Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Microcap Bubble? One metric.

I've got my first EarlyStager blog post up today.

There has been a ton of talk on microcaps and whether there is "a coming super-seed crash".  My personal opinion is that while there is a ton of activity, it's just too early to tell whether what is going on really resembles a bubble.  But one thing I had been noticing anecdotally is that it did feel like there were a ton of new "super seed" (aka microcap) firms being founded or funded.  Being the data wonk that I am, I thought I would try to dig up a little data on microcap funds raised.

A lot of googling and crunchbase-ing later, I put together a rough list.  I'm sure I'm missing a ton of firms... there isn't a definitive list anywhere that I could find, so while I tried to be thorough in my sleuthing, I can't imagine I found each firm.  Even so, I think the data point confirmed my observation.  2010 is shaping up to be the year of the microcap.  Though when firms like True Ventures and First Round dip their toes back into the LP waters, 2010 might look like a warm up lap....

Anyway, check out the full post! Microcap Bubble? One data point.

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