Tuesday, June 29, 2010

EarlyStager blog launch

After posting the live feed of the BP spill in May, I had been hoping that I would be able to end my blog posting silence with a "phew, BP hole finally plugged.  I'll take down the depressing video feed now."  Unfortunately, the BP disaster continues, and it's time to take my silent protest elsewhere.

Today, I'm excited to announce the launch of a new blog I'm co-writing called EarlyStager.

I have the extreme pleasure of working on EarlyStager with three awesome, rockin' ladies:

While the three of them will write from the operator's perspective, I'll try to add a little VC spice to the mix with a post every month.

If you ever have any topic suggestions, trust me, I'm all ears!  I often find that picking a topic to write about is the hardest thing about blogging consistently (I don't know how Fred Wilson does it).  And as anyone who is a subscriber to my blog knows.... I'm not exactly a consistent blogger.  Heck, I can't even tweet consistently!  (Ssssh don't tell them that....)

So enough of my blabbing for now.  Go check out EarlyStager!  Our inaugural post was a lot of fun to write: The EarlyStager Approval Matrix.

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