Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My "ista" take on Larry Cheng's VC Blog Ranking

Larry Cheng updated his popular VC Blog Ranking and included some fun analysis, particularly on how Fred Wilson continues to lead the VC blogging show. If you haven't already, take a look.

Because I initially started my blog with the intention of blogging from the perspective of a female, junior professional (hence the “ista” in Adventurista), I’ve created two sub-sets of Larry’s: 1) Junior (i.e. non-dealmaker) professionals and 2) females.

#dos is pretty straight forward, but I might need some user generated editing for #uno. My rule of thumb was that if a person didn’t have the words “Partner” or “Managing” in their LinkedIn or website bio, I included them in my junior professional list. I'll admit some are on this list by a hair, but they make the rest of us look good!

Junior Professionals (woot woot!)
1. Christine Herron, First Round Capital, (354)
2. Philippe Botteri, Bessemer Venture Partners, Cracking the Code (263)
3. Andrew Parker, Union Square Ventures, The Gong Show (257)
4. Mark Peter Davis, DFJ Gotham Ventures, Venture Made Transparent (237)
5. Rob Finn, Edison Venture, Ventureblogalist (236)
6. Sagi Rubin, Virgin Green Fund, The Grass is Greener (182)
7. Sarah Tavel, Bessemer Venture Partners, Adventurista (156)
8. Rob Go, Spark Capital, Rob Go Blog (148)
9. Matt Winn, Chrysalis Ventures, Punctuative! (148)
10. Kent Goldman, First Round Capital, The Cornice (144)
11. Rachel Strate, EPIC Ventures, Wasatch Girl (129)
12. Mo Koyfman, Spark Capital, Mo Koyfman (127)
13. Lee Hower, Point Judith Capital, Venturesome (118)
14. David Dufresne, Desjardins Venture Capital, Dav-Generated Content (101)
15. Jon Seeber, Updata Partners, Jon’s Ventures (96)
16. Josh Sookman, RBC Ventures, Ubiquitous Startups and the VC (6)
17. Vishy Venugopalan, Longworth Venture Partners, Longworth Venture Partners Blog (2)

The Ladies (oh yeah!)
1. Christine Herron, First Round Capital, (354) (again!)
2. Sarah Tavel, Bessemer Venture Partners, Adventurista (156)
3. Rachel Strate, EPIC Ventures, Wasatch Girl (129)

I have to say I've had the pleasure of meeting quite a few of the people on this list and it's a great one (and a shout out to my BVP colleague, Philippe Botteri. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Philippe for almost three years and let me tell you: if you work in a SaaS company, if your business has any recurring revenue, heck, if the letter “a” or “s” appears in your name or the name of your company, you should be following his blog). Hope to meet the rest of you soon!

Anyone I'm missing?

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