Thursday, September 17, 2009

"Installed applications are going away in five years"?

Recently, I got into a heated argument with someone at a cloud computing-related meeting where a person I was speaking to swore up and down that within five years people would no longer install applications besides their browser.

I swore up and down that that’s not happening any time soon in mainstream USA.

I may feel like a dummy in five years, but I have to say, I recently received a new PC and I’m amazed by how many applications I’ve installed so far (not including what was pre-installed on my computer -- thank you HP bloatware!).

My list so far (day #2 of computer):
  1. Adobe Reader
  2. Bunch of browser plug ins (Java, etc)
  3. Canon Utilities (actually five installs for this)
  4. Citrix Metaframe
  5. Dropbox
  6. Evernote
  7. Firefox
  8. Google Chrome
  9. IE (not by choice)
  10. iTunes
  11. Microsoft Office
  12. Mozy
  13. Norton Antivirus (came for free w/ my PC, otherwise I would have installed AVG)
  14. Picasa
  15. Skype
  16. TweetDeck
So what do you think? Are installed apps going away within five years?

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