Saturday, January 13, 2007

Whoops! Youngin Blooper.

A self-admitted loyal Gawker reader, part of my daily routine is to check out both Gawker and one of Gawker's blog properties, Valleywag. As I was catching up on my backlog of posts, I couldn't help but notice a post that made me squirm in my seat -- VC's spambot targets random sites -- and, I'll admit, giggle.

It looks like someone over at OpenView Venture Partners made an overture to Valleywag, possibly not realizing that Valleywag is part of Gawker. Unfortunately, that overture ended up in the blogosphere. Valleywag posts the email and writes:

"Boston's OpenView Venture Partners must either enjoy abuse, or be so desperate to catch the web boom that they're reduced to spamming any site with any audience that registers in Alexa."

Ouch. and yet. I can't help but shake my head. The cat is outta the bag! It's true that once you land in the Alexa 5000 club, you can expect a lot more inbound interest from proactive VCs. I am going to guess that OpenView does have a software program that alerts them every time a company smashes that ceiling, or at least a diligent someone who combs the Alexa 5000 list every week.

VC Ratings has a little write-up of the event here. And as they rightly point out, I guess all press is good press!

Addendum: Just came across this post from Nick Wilson's personal blog, Communicontent.


Erik said...

Boggles the mind...

First of all Alexa? It's not tough to game Alexa. Besides, Alexa does a crappy job of anything that's ajaxed, widgetized or mobile.

Finally, how out of touch do you have to be with the industry to have not known Valleywag is a gawker property?