Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bessemer is the bloggiest VC

Larry Cheng of Fidelity Ventures has started curating a list of the best VC blog posts on a bi-weekly basis on his great blog, Thinking About Thinking. This week's list features another blog post from Adam Fisher - Clouds with Silver Linings.

Larry also included a little tidbit I was surprised to see: By his count, Bessemer is the bloggiest (I bet you didn't know that was a word) VC with six BVP-ers blogging:

  • Bessemer Venture Partners (6)
  • First Round Capital (5)
  • Spark Capital (4)
  • Foundry Group (4)
  • Flybridge Capital Partners (3)
  • Ignition Partners (3)
Of course, I can't help but mention that Larry is a former BVP Associate. Must be in our DNA!

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