Monday, September 22, 2008

What's TechCrunch's Future?

Since joining Bessemer almost 2.5 years ago, TechCrunch has been a staple part of my morning blog diet. But lately, I've found myself breezing through the headlines, and rarely rarely reading the actual content. That said, I'm hesitant to unsubscribe.... what if I miss a juicy tidbit? But is TechCrunch's original role as a way to discover new web 2.0 startups relevant today? I suppose it must be. According to compete, their traffic hasn't dipped recently. Who are the die-hard Techcrunch readers?


Anonymous said...

About 1.7 million early adopters worldwide. BTW the reason for the traffic and uptick in RSS readers is also because they are part of the "standard set of initial blogs" in many readers.

It a little inflated, but they do have some great exclusives.

Geraldo Maia said...

Hello Sarah,
It is a great pleasure to visit your nice and interesting blog for the first time.
Best wishes from Brazil:

Unknown said...

Thank you, Geraldo!

Anonymous said...

As an avid TC reader myself, I have also begun to see what you are saying.

However every once in a while there would be some hot juicy threads on a new company or product.

Once in a while it appears that the comments tend to run up some dirt and some leads too.

Nice pic by the way. I that Football or Ruby you were playing?

Unknown said...

Anonymous -- I agree :)


Scott Scheper said...

I've actually just started doing the same :-)

Are you still blogging?

- Scott from

Unknown said...

@Scott thanks for the post. Yes, I'm still blogging. Just have trouble keeping up a pace of more than one post a month!