Saturday, July 7, 2007

Echoes of Argentine Politics in the US

Let's just say my parents are not Hillary Clinton fans. My Dad can't stand her because he can't stand Bill and thinks that Hillary will just be his mouthpiece. And my Mom can't stand her because her campaign brings back too many bad memories of Argentinean politics.

While I give Hillary more credit than just being a mouthpiece, there is something to both my parents' perspectives. The Scary Truth: American politics increasingly resembles Argentinean politics. (Not exactly a great role model!)

Just this past week, Argentina's current president, NĂ©stor Kirchner, announced that he will not be running for re-election, despite his popularity. Instead, his wife will be running for President.

The Mom: "It's the same corrupt Argentinean politics that we saw with Evita Peron." i.e., It doesn't matter who the actual President is. It's still the same politics and the same family just wanting to stay in power for as long as possible.

And potentially, the same corrupt American politics. It is scary to think that the highest office in American politics might stay in the hands of two families -- The Bush's and the Clinton's -- for so long.