Sunday, March 18, 2007

facebook effort to improve clickthrough rates?

Facebook has recently been criticized as having terrible clickthrough rates.

Perhaps their ad approval screener has taken on the "sex sells" approach?

I recently checked in on my facebook profile and was faced with the "Harvard Flyer" at left. Yes, "sex kits" did catch my eye.

When you click on the ad, it brings you to a site with the headline: "Be Fun, Be Safe, Give a mad bj." Eeek.

So is this a "Whoops" or a "$$$"?

Considering the recent trends on facebook of both younger and older crowds joining (my family is the perfect illustration of this: I have a 12 year old brother whose friends are now flocking to facebook, and my Mom has recently joined.), I can't imagine this is good. And I sure hope my mom doesn't notice this one....